ST-I s.r.l. – Sprayers, Sulphurizers and Weeders

Our company has many years of experience in the design and construction of low-volume sprayers and other agricultural machines such as dusters / sulphurators, weeders and bar-pickers and for weeding.

Our headquarters is located in Golferenzo in the province of Pavia, surrounded by the Oltrepò Pavese vineyards.


All our sprayers implement the Low Volume system which offers numerous advantages over the Normal Volume.

The low volume is a characteristic of the pneumatic atomizers where the mixture is pulverized, distributed and brought to the plants by the same air stream. The droplets are 4/5 times smaller than those at normal volume. This greatly increases the ability to cover the water, allowing treatments with low volume water mixtures: 100-250 l / ha.

The Low Volume ensures interventions:

Antipollution. The heads guarantee a distribution of the targeted mixture on the plant, limiting the dispersion for off-target. The very small size of the drops allows them to adhere completely to the leaves eliminating dripping.

Qualitatively more effective. The air flow, with the droplets carried in suspension, reaching even the most hidden parts of the plant, allows a uniform, continuous and total mixture distribution over the entire vegetative surface.

Economically convenient. With low volume the mixture is completely distributed on the plants. The doses of the product indicated on the packs can be reduced by 10/30% since this is the loss found in normal volume treatments for dripping and dispersion.
NB: The quantity of product distributed on the plants with the two systems is the same but with the low volume you save the one that wastes with the normal volume.

Greater operating autonomy. With the same reservoirs the Low Volume can treat a surface from 2 to 5 times higher than the normal volume.

Reduced intervention times. Operative autonomy requiring less loading reduces the dead time proportionally. Significant advantages for large companies that can guarantee maximum intervention timeliness. Essential condition, sometimes, against cryptogames!

Performance stability. The liquid circuit and the centrifugal pump working at low pressure do not report wear, ensuring constant performance over time.


The sprayheads are an essential element of the atomizer. Preposed to the mixture atomization must also direct the air flow to distribute the product according to the conformation of the plant and in compliance with environmental requirements. The sprayheads are adjustable and adaptable to any type of crop and plant. They allow different methods of treatment and can vary the operating capacity of the atomizer which, depending on the head, can cover 1-2-3 or 4 rows, as needed.

The advantages of the LOW VOLUME are guaranteed only if the diffusers of the sprayheads are made according to the principle of the Venturi tube (carburetor). Depending on the fan group, the atomizer can use different models of heads, designed to meet the treatment needs of the main crops: vineyards, orchards, olive groves, vegetables and open field crops.